Friday, September 28, 2007

Thing # 23

1. My favorite exercises were posting photos and finding ways to log the books I have read.
2. This program has shown me that I CAN learn new things and has given me the courage to try more.
3. I guess the biggest unexpected outcome was that I actually finished the 23 things!
4. I have no ideas on how the program could be improved.
5. Yes, I would choose to participate in another discovery program.
6. I was able to push past my safety/security zone and learn new things! And survive!

Things # 9-11

Again, I apologise for "doing my own thing". 9. I located library-related blogs and news feeds. There is so much info out there--who has time to read all of it!? 10. I learned about online image generators and created an avatar. 11. I cataloged some of my favorite books using LibraryThing.

Things # 1-6

Oh how embarassing--I am finally getting to the end of the 23 things and I see that I did not make my entries properly. 1. I read the blog and found out about the program. 2. I disovered some pointers from lifelong learners. 3. I set up my blog and added my first post. 4. I registerd my blog. 5. I explored flickr and learned about this popular image hosting site. 6. I discovered Flickr mashups and 3rd party sites.

Thing # 22: AudioBooks

I searched NetLibrary and Project Gutenburg. Downloadable audiobooks are examples of the new technology that I am uncomfortable with. I think I will stick to audiobooks that one can listen to.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thing # 21

This assignment was to discover some useful tools for locating podcasts. I learned that a podcast is a non-musical audio or videobroadcast which is distributed over the internet. The delivery method is automatically through RSS. I downloaded Juice. I tried the three listed (,, and Yahoo Podcasts) searching for a podcast on feral cats and only Yahoo had one. If one has the time, podcasts are very informative!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thing # 20: YouTube

After quite a frustrating time, I was finally able to add this, my favorite video on YouTube onto my blog.

Thing # 19

Thing # 19's activity is "explore any site from the Web 2.0 awards list, play with it and write a blog post about your findings." I was just amazed that there are 300 to 500 web 2.0 tools out there in cyberspace. The site I chose was As an avid reader, I find this to be an excellent site. One can make a list of books to read or books that one has already read. One can get recommendations and tag books and explore others' tags. The only down side to this was that one can enter only 200 books for free. For a fee ($10) one can enter as many books as one likes for a year. For a higher fee ($25), one can enter as many books as one likes for life. Perhaps I'll start saving towards this. I highly recommend this site!